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Company Development

In 2017

Invited to participate in the Macao Environmental Protection Exhibition and Beijing International Environmental Protection Exhibition. Our company also got design qualification product certification.

In 2016

At the invitation of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department,plan to attend the Macao International Environmental Protection Exhibition.

Obtained the second grade of sewage operation qualification.

Obtained the second-class qualification of environmental protection professional contracting.

Obtained three invention patents for ISRI Sewage- Treatment Device.

In 2015

We got:

1)3C Certification

2)Health Permit Approval

3)Safety Production License

4)Three years of abiding by the contract and credit enterprise

In 2014

Obtained three invention patents such as drinking water.

Acquired the title of good faith enterprise.

In 2013

Obtained ISO quality certification.

In 2012

Joined the Environmental Protection Association and obtained the qualification.

In April 2012

Wisdom Water was officially established.

In June 2008

Shenzhen Water Group Hunan Office (Xinxiyuan Company) was established.

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