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Black and Odorous Water Treatment

Black odorous water is an extreme manifestation of organic pollution in water. 

Most black  odorous water mechanisms are basically the same,which are caused by the lack of oxygen in the water and the decay of organic matter.When a large amount of organic pollutants enters the water body, under the biochemical action of aerobic microorganisms, a large amount of oxygen in the water body is consumed, and the water body is converted into an anoxic state, causing the anaerobic bacteria to multiply, and the organic matter is spoiled, decomposed, and fermented to make the water body turn black and stinky.     

Main Governance Measures:     

1. Physical Restoration: including water conservancy projects such as sewage interception, water transfer and dredging, as well as mechanical algae removal, diversion of water diversion, artificial flow, and river aeration.     

2.Physical Restoration: adding iron salt to promote the precipitation of phosphorus, and adding lime and denitrification, etc., although effective and high efficiency, will cause secondary pollution.  

3. Bioremediation: divided into plant repair, animal repair, microbial repair.     

  Traditional Sewage Treatment  and  ISRI Sewage- Treatment Device:

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