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Water Operation

Water operation can be divided into raw water production, tap water production and supply, sewage recovery and treatment, and reclaimed water production and distribution.   

Our company is a professional environmental service provider specializing in the operation and management of environmental infrastructure. The company is committed to providing customers with environmental infrastructure design, construction and operations management , and tailor-made high-quality services.   


We focus on environmental management services in small and medium-sized cities, understand the economic development of small and medium-sized cities, and have accumulated rich experience in the field of water environmental management services. We are good at combining technologies, management, localization talents and business models so that can provide a long-term rooted service for the government. Wisdom Water has completed a number of milestone projects in the petroleum, chemical, automotive, fine chemical, printing and dyeing and leather industries. After years of continuous efforts, the company has more than 30 patented technologies, including improved biological treatment technology, reclaimed water treatment,sewage treatment technology in small towns and major industrial sectors. 

Company Operation Model:

  Public-Private Partnership (PPP) 

  Engineering Procurement Construction(EPC) 

  Engineering Procurement Construction Operation(EPCO) 

  Operation & Maintenance(OM) 





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